The Concealed Weapons Laws And Why You Should Not Be Caught Off-guard

By Larry Kelly

We seem to have folks who want to have gun owners lose their rights to own firearms. There is an anti-gun agenda to keep pushing until that happens. Today, they are starting with assault rifles, tomorrow they will move to go after other guns, making it almost unbearable to own anything that fires a bullet. The concealed weapons laws have been with for years now. Over the years running a think tank, I've been a lot more concerned with other more serious WMD abilities that criminals, terrorists, or humanity haters might develop or currently have the technology and know-how to bring them to fruition - bioweapons for instance - that is really scary stuff, a lot worse than assault weapons. Okay so, let's talk shall we?

The reality is that mostly men will buy a gun. If they want to carry a concealed weapon it will require getting a permit. Today, many citizens are afraid of guns and they don't like violence. It is okay in a movie or in a television program, but not in real life. Nice people don't have to protect themselves, which is what the police are there for. That is the prevailing attitude of the general public. Let the police handle it. Yet some people are still feeling it is important to be purchasing pepper spray for personal protection instead of buying a gun, let alone getting a permit to carry one.

There are three additional policy considerations that are triggered with current state laws requiring waiting periods is the "cooling-off" period established of sufficient duration between the sale of a firearm and delivery valid permits to possess a firearm do not exempt a purchaser from the waiting period transfer of the firearm must not occur until after the required background checks have been completed regardless of any waiting period.

While the state recognizes a person's right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, some of the ways that improper use of firearms or weapons can result in criminal charges include, but are not limited to the offenses such as the procession of the firearms.

So, if the new gun laws cause you to take action and make a firearms purchase and get some extra ammunition more quickly, then that will be good for you. However, don't let it all distract you from job one: getting food and other supplies readied.

Every time I hear about another gun shooting at a school, mall or other major area, it literally makes me sick. What is happening in this world? Why is there so much violence? People think they have the answer - more gun control and yes I do agree there are way too many guns out there. But alone, this will not solve the problem.

Only three states, California, Maryland, and New Jersey, have state laws that limit the number of handgun sales or purchases to one per 30 day period. These laws are based on studies that show that multiple handguns purchased by the same person are often used for criminal activity. New York gun laws, however, are even stricter, and limit the sale of all firearms to one purchase every 90 days.

Not surprisingly, state gun regulations vary greatly from state to state. Most gun regulation focus on three categories: (1) laws prohibiting the possession of firearms by certain people; (2) laws regulating the sale and transfer of firearms; and (3) the possession of firearms in public places.

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The Gun Laws That Matters

By Janet Cook

Talk about the new firearm laws is all over the news and the internet, but the reality is that most preppers and prepping activities will be largely unaffected. How can that possibly be? Well, let's take a good look at preppers and prepping and how the new gun laws will really affect them.

Look, this is all just philosophical and political banter right now, but in the future, individual gun owners may really need their weapons to protect themselves from the mass mob of takers who've been made weak by the government giving them so many fish to the point that they can no longer fish for themselves. Please consider all this and think on it.

You might say I am way out of line to make that statement, but in my own defense, I'd like to cite; history. I'd like to point out how socialist nations fail. At that point individual gun owners will need to protect their property and family from either the mass mobs, or the government coming after whatever they have left after the government runs out of other people's money to spend.

The debate on gun control includes many issues such as whether restrictions are permissible under the Constitution, and whether gun control laws actually help to control crime. State laws restricting firearms vary and are independent of federal firearms laws, which are surprisingly few compared to the estimated 300 major state firearm laws. In addition, it has been widely estimated that the number of local firearm could be as high as 20,000.

As for preppers, the majority of a prepper's activities don't even involve guns. That is because prepping is primarily about supplying yourself and your family with the items you need to survive a catastrophe for an extended period of time without expecting any help from the government.

Various organizations collect data from the FBI and U. S. Census Bureau to provide some insight into the correlation between firearms and violence in the U. S. Four studies provide the following statistics: In 2010, there were 14,748 murders reported by the FBI, and 9, 958 of those crimes involved a firearm.

There were 31,347 gun-related fatalities which include homicides, legal intervention, suicides, and accidents, in 2009; Approximately 4.3 million victims reported non-lethal crimes including rape or sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault in 2009. An estimated 22% of those crimes involved the use of weapons; and 8% of weapons used were firearms; and

When people buy guns, what kind of background check is done on them? Is the person deemed to be a responsible person and what kind of criteria is this based on? I'm sure that anyone with a record of mental illness would not be able to obtain a gun, but what about people with a history of domestic abuse or violent acts? How thorough is the application process?

Every prepper out there already has firearms and self-defense taken care of. The reason is that, even though food and water are higher on the priority list for prepping, nobody can resist the urge to indulge his prepper fantasies preparing his little arsenal. So all the preppers out there already have this base covered.

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The Travelers Guide To Firearm Laws Of The 50 States Is Must Reading Before A Trip

By Anna Foster

Serious hunters and competitive sportsmen all know there are hundreds of regulations, rules, and state law covering what can and can't be done when it comes to the transportation of firearms. Those with less experience may be aware of their state regulations, but not quite as certain how to go about taking weapons with them when they fly into other regions of the country. If you are traveling with firearms for the first time, you need to know what you will be facing. You can start by reading a travelers guide to firearm laws of the 50 states.

The editors of these types of books have compiled all the information you need to be in compliance wherever you are going. You just have to get there first. Someone who intends to fly frequently with guns should go ahead and purchase a good hard case. These cases come with different types of locks, and most seasoned travelers advise people not to buy the kind that have TSA locks.

The airlines don't change their rules that often, but you should research their website for the latest information, and print it out. The TSA does changes its rules, and you definitely need to get the latest instructions and have a printed copy with you when you get to the check in.

Nobody should have to tell a sportsman that you never carry a loaded gun into an airport, even if it is in a case, but people do it all the time. Make sure all your guns and ammunition are in proper order before you leave the house. Opening your case and checking your weapons in the middle of the airport will cause a lot of problems. A good suggestion from frequent fliers is to open the cylinder, so the TSA can tell at a glance it's empty.

You will not be able to check in at the curb. You've got to go to the counter. Make sure to keep your case closed at all times. Once you get to the counter, declare the fact that you have firearms. You will want to inform the clerk in such a manner that it does not alarm the people standing in line behind you.

Once you have let the clerk know what you have with you, a TSA agent will either come to the counter or you will have an escort to the TSA check in area. There will be paperwork to fill out and questions to answer at this time.

Legally the keys to your case must be in your possession at all times, so make sure you have them when you board the plane. Even if an airline official or TSA agent requires them for some reason, it is illegal for them to open your case without your presence.

It can be a hassle trying to follow all the rules and regulations when it comes to traveling from state to state with firearms. You may need some patience, but if you follow instructions, you should be fine.

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What You Should Look For In A Workers Comp Attorney New Orleans LA

By Brenda Green

Finding a reliable workers compensation attorney may not be that easy. This is because the market is full of lawyers that have practiced in this area of law. For that reason, one is expected to do adequate research before settling on any legal practitioner out there. For the right professional workers comp attorney New Orleans LA residents may search locally or online.

Investing your time properly to search for a legal practitioner is the right way to go. Bear in mind that lawyers are never created the same. As such, you have to subject your potential lawyers to a painstaking interview before hiring one. That way, you will be able to pick the most reliable and trustworthy lawyer. Discussed in this article are some helpful tips for choosing the right workers comp lawyer in New Orleans LA.

First of all, you need to ask for recommendations from family, friends and colleagues. This can work miracles because people around you have worked with these attorneys and can therefore recommend you one. Ask them which lawyers they hired and whether they can recommend you the same legal practitioners. Always be inquisitive so as to make an informed decision.

The other place to search for lawyers is online. The Internet is a resourceful place where one can find any service provider he wants. Utilize Google and Yahoo to locate the business websites of these legal representatives. Once you locate them, explore fully in order to understand better how they carry out their practices. Never forget to check comments from past customers.

Once you have garnered several names of potential lawyers, you should find a way of interrogating them. This is vital because you want to narrow down your search and settle for the most competent legal representative. You have to create a list of questions to ask your potential lawyers during the interview. Be keen on the answers you get since that will be the only guide to choosing the best lawyer.

While interviewing your attorneys, it is good to observe their experience level. Truly, everyone wants their cases to be handled by lawyers with vast experience in the legal field. As such, consider going for someone who has handled many cases similar to yours. Also, experienced attorneys are well-conversant with all the courtroom rules and regulations. Do not engage an inexperienced legal practitioner.

Another important thing to inquire about is the number of cases your potential lawyers have waiting to be represented. Lawyers usually have many cases lined up. Sometimes they may lack time to handle some of them, so it is your responsibility to look for one that has a few or no claims in the queue. That way, the lawyer will have enough time to dedicate to your claim.

Lastly, consider asking for some referees before making that vital decision of hiring. With at least 3 references, you can contact them and inquire about their experiences with the legal practitioner in question. A reliable attorney will not hesitate when requested for a list of references. Do not engage any workers comp lawyer that is unable to provide a referencing list.

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